Know These Basic Information about Application Portfolio Management or APM

According to source, starting in the mid 1990s, APM or application portfolio management is an emerging practice in IT companies ranging from mid to large size organizations. The practice of management using application portfolio is said to attempt the lessons involved in the management of financial portfolio in order to make justification and measurement of the financial benefits that each application gave while comparing it to the costs of the maintenance adn operations of the applications.

Furthermore, so that the IT software applications applications and services that is based on software is being managed, the APM or application portfolio management is being used as the framework or guiding principles. Also, it is through APM that managers are provided with the inventory of the software applications and metrics of the company that will show the benefits of each application to the business as a whole. 

Be informed that a scoring algorithm that will generate reports about the impact or value of each application is being used in the APM system, plus it will show the viability of the IT infrastructure in general. Instead of relying on an educated guess in deciding whether or not a certain application should be used, kept, retired or replaced, or updated, a manager can use the metrics gathered such as the age of an application, the frequency of its uses, the cost of maintaining it and how it relates with other applications used. 

The office in NASA also gave info. or opinion about this practice. According to the office, APM is actually about assessing a process repeatedly used, on the basis of its performance, if it meets to the architectural requirements of the organization, which would lead to a decision of whether it should be eliminated or replaced with another application that performs better. It further exclaimed that instead of spending on the maintenance of an existing application that is not performing well, an organization will be able to reduce costs and free other financial capabilities in investing newer and better performing applications. 

Another source also mentioned that there are two categories of application portfolio management solutions and these approaches are generally called as the "Top Down and Bottom Up". Through APM tools, problem solving then is made faster, more efficient and less likely to give customers a disruptive experience. 

Note that in today's high tech times, companies are relying more on these applications in order to drive revenue, and thus the importance of these applications is undeniable. On the other hand, the architecture or design of these applications are so complex that to troubleshoot issues about performance of each application is so difficult. The IT teams have therefore need to identify fas the root causes of the problems before users are affected with the concerns. And this is where the application performance monitoring tool would come in. On the other hand, it is further said that because of the fact that there are many so-called easy-to-consume services out there in the market, finding the root cause is difficult and challenging, thus monitoring is of utmost importance and critical to the point of maintaining.

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